As one of the earliest regions in China to open up to the world, Yunnan has been serving as a bridge for economic and cultural exchanges between China and South and Southeast Asian Countries. Yunnan’s location-specific advantages have become more prominent along with the acceleration of the Belt and Road Initiative. It is making great strides in promoting openness and building closer links with Asia and the world.

With time-honored history and colorful culture, Yunnan abounds in magnificent landscapes and resources. It is not only home to numerous ethnic groups, but also a cornucopia of talent, to say the least.

We hope the good old days will soon return when you can travel with your loved ones to Yunnan to admire blossoms and explore cities in this poetic fairyland, where spring never leaves.

Kunming City 654VOTES

The Capital of Flowers with favorable climate throughout the year

Yuxi City 608VOTES

A dreamland famous for the magical Fuxian Lake

Chuxiong Prefecture 588VOTES

The Gem of Central Yunnan and Hometown of Yi People

Dali Prefecture 771VOTES

The Place Where Romantic Trip Begins

Lijiang City 641VOTES

A town where you can lay back and savor each moment of your day

Diqing Prefecture 736VOTES

Exploring the Shangri-La in Lost Horizon

Nujiang Prefecture 689VOTES

A Wonder of Nature with Stunning Mountains and Rivers

Baoshan City 764VOTES

A Sea of Flowers and a Treasure Trove of Hot Springs

Dehong Prefecture 625VOTES

Homeland of Peacocks

Lincang City 607VOTES

Along the Ancient Tea Horse Road Lies a City where Tea Aroma Floats Around

Xishuangbanna Prefecture 619VOTES

Green Pearl, Kingdom of Flora

Pu’er City 674VOTES

Pu’er—A Gift by Nature, the World Tea Origin

Honghe Prefecture 689VOTES

Visiting Hani Rice Terraces and Experiencing Diverse Cultures

Wenshan Prefecture 801VOTES

Hometown of Pseudo-Ginseng, and a Dreamland where Blooming Lotus Awaits You

Zhaotong City 682VOTES

Exploring Cultural and Natural Marvels

Qujing City 649VOTES

Origin of the Pearl River


Let’s bike around Erhai Lake and enjoy the breeze, immerse in the sea of rape blossoms in Luoping, take a stroll in Dali, admire the Lugu Lake, watch the sunrise in Bamei, explore every corner of Lijiang Ancient Town, climb the towering Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, venture into the “Paris of the East”—Mengzi, and relive the romantic scenes from TV Series in Puzhehei Scenic Area…

Unforgettable adventures await you in Yunnan!


1.Vote time: August 26 to September 5.

2.16 candidate cities without particular order.

3.Each IP can only vote once a day.

4.Based on the principles of fairness,openness,impartialness and transparency,we sincerely expect your participation in the vote to promote the beauty of Yunnan!